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Please copy and the paste the following code in matlab editor or matlab command window. Run the program. while (1) choice=menu ( {'Radiation pattern of half wavelength dipole (select your choice)';'By antennatutorials.com'},'Three dimensional plot','Two dimensional plot','exit') if choice == 1. %radiation pattern of half wave dipole in three.

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Radiation pattern is the name given to a plot of the angle function in the field expression of an antenna. There are a number of ways this information can be presented, and you will run across most of them in one place or another. In general, we can call this function f (θ,ϕ) where (θ,ϕ) are the spherical coordinate angles in Figure 2.1.Typically, we are interested in the magnitude of this.

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Import 3D Pattern Data. 3D Radiation pattern data stored in a csv file format can be read using the csvread function. In the first part of this example we use the patternCustom function to visualize the 3D data. The function can be used to visualize 2D slices of the 3D data as well. M = csvread ( 'CustomPattern_testfile.csv' ,1,0);.

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Jan 05, 2013 · @daredesm, of course, just remove it. It won't make difference indeed, though. For readability I would suggest just to plot(xv, yv), 2d but very effective. Btw you may want to consider to accept the answer by using the tick sign on the left. -. "/>.

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Appendix A - MATLAB Codes 86 Appendix B - Data on Equipment used for Antenna Analysis 88 ... 1.19 Radiation Pattern The radiation pattern of an antenna is a plot of the far-field radiation properties of an ... plotted as a 3D graph or as a 2D polar or Cartesian slice of this 3D graph. It is an.

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