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Miraculous ladybug nathaniel x reader lemon

On one side is Luka, 140-year-old Snake Miraculous holder and keeper of the Guardian's secrets, on the other is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a relatively newly minted hero of Paris and Guardian of the Miracle Box. Each is looking to fulfill their promises to their now gone mentors to reunite the Kwamis and keep them safe.

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Bad Girl Gone Good (Miraculous Ladybug x Reader) (Name) (Last Name) is just an average rebel with a hunger for fun and a thirst for trouble. Nothing could ever tame this wild, mischievous girl. Although, that all begins to change once she moves to Paris, France.

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Reader | Action Romance Love Power Fireflies Nathaniel Ladybug Genderbent Genderbend Miraculous Male Chloe ... Long ago, the first miraculous was created. It was called the Firefly. When combined with the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses the holder would have near infinite power and one wish. His Purr-cess [Marichat] January 3, 2018 YacYac I've seen others write.

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Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Scenari... Curseblood17. Reads. Reads 361,397. 361,397 361K. Votes. Votes 8,670. 8,670 8.6K. ... Time. Time 4h 9m. 4 hours, 9 minutes 4h 9m. Start reading. ... Nathaniel Kurtzberg ~Catch Up~ When you cry. Luka Couffaine ~Catch Up~ When you become blind. When you fall asleep against them. ... I will be included..

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