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# 1 His Betrothed (An Edward Cullen Lo... by Serena Chintalapati 319K 5.6K 62 For nearly a century, Edward has one love. His love for his wife, Tori Hale. She is the reason why Edward lived the way he lived. He was very protective over her, to the... Completed cullens breakingdawn christianozera +17 more # 2.

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Aug 12, 2019 · pairing: poly !ot7 x fem! reader genre: bridgerton!au, regency era historical fiction, enemies to lovers, duke!bts x reader warnings: historical inaccuracy summary: y/n l/n was the most sought-after lady of this year’s social season. her beauty was unmatched, her wit far superior to those around her, her charm that of a descendent of.

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You let out a soft groan as you stretched your legs out, your skin caressing the silky white sheets of Carlisle’s bed. Or rather, your bed. He’d bought it so you’d be able to spend the night with him after seeing how much you hated going home. A dominant yawn forced your mouth open. You arched your back and strained your shoulders.

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The pregnant woman screamed out. Emily quickly nodded her head and brought her upstairs to lay her down in the guest room. The scream was so loud the the super-sensitive hearing of the supernatural beings heard it, interrupting their training. Was that (Y/N)? Yeah. Sam we have to go. The jet black wolf looked over at the mind- reader ,.

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1,177 notes. shamelessloverhairdopainter asked: It's okay if I can request another Poly it's an Jasper x male reader x Emmett x Edward where reader was threatened by the Volturi saying that they're going to kill the reader because he's human.

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