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UV-C light disinfection. For more than 40 years2, UV-C radiation has been a proven way to disinfect air, surfaces and water. Ultraviolet is a type of electromagnetic (EM) radiation that makes back-lit posters glow and is responsible for summer tans. On the EM spectrum, it falls between visible light and X-rays, and is invisible to human eyes.

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Solarmeter ® by Solar Light Company, LLC is the industry standard for UV and visible light radiometers that measure both indoor and outdoor light sources. Our NIST Traceable meters are used to monitor lamp irradiance and aging for UV sterilization, reptile husbandry, indoor tanning, red/blue light phototherapy, UV curing and UV Index.

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Ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is a type of radiant energy, much like the light we see, but with a smaller wavelength and higher energy. It is defined as the light in the spectrum of wavelengths between 40-400 nanometers. This means that it lies between visible light and x-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum as seen in Figure 1.

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Electronic transitions in UV-visible spectroscopy which are important are. n→ π* & π→ π*transitions. (a) n→ π* transitions. - In this transition, an electon of unshared electron pair on a hetero atom is excited to π* antibonding orbital. This transition involves least amount of energy than all the transitions and therefore, this.

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UVB. UVB refers to light with wavelengths between 280 nm and 315 nm. While fewer of these rays penetrate the earth’s ozone layer, those that do are more intense than UVA light. Because of this, UVB light is often cited as the source that causes sunburn. In fact, UVB rays can burn the top layer of your skin, known as the epidermis layer, in as.

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